Terra’s ‘all-weather’ speakers;

It finds wide use in terraces, gardens and poolsides. Unaffected no matter how harsh the weather and outdoor conditions, these speakers sound great as well as their high standard production.

Magnetic Liquid Centering System (MFCS™)

A typical speaker driver has a structure called a ‘spider’ between the cone and the coil. This structure naturally causes pollution in the driver’s sound output, especially at high volumes, acting as a second speaker cone. Spider and its negative contributions are eliminated in MFCS technology. A specially formulated magnetic fluid is used instead of the spider, and the setup consisting of a voice coil and a cone is centered in this fluid.

This design has multiple benefits:

Better quality and clearer sound Better cone flexibility and control; more perfect and more sensitive working voice coil

Does not prevent the cone from flexing at high sound levels The magnetic fluid provides much more cooling than the air gap in ordinary speakers, which means more power and reliability. Suspension fluid does not degrade over time MFCS is resistant to all kinds of harsh conditions compared to ordinary nylon or cloth spiders. Allows the use of anodized ceramic aluminum diaphragm (ACAD)

Anodized ceramic aluminum diaphragm (ACAD)

One of Terra’s main principles is that the best material choice for the speaker will be a metal cone, due to both its lightness and durability. A ceramic sandwich is produced with Terra’s special anodizing method, thus the one-piece aluminum cone (no dust cover needed) is both strengthened and damped against ringing. The resulting cone can withstand all indoor and outdoor weather conditions, creating exceptionally clear and perfectly detailed sound in bass and midrange.

AC Series:

AC Series products consist of speakers mounted in durable UniCavity™ boxes. These products, which will provide excellent sound quality wherever you want, are designed to be constantly exposed to severe weather conditions. Circular molded polypropylene cabins hold drivers securely on the one hand, and prevent noise pollution on the other.

CA Series:

The CA series speakers, which are made of all weather resistant materials like the AC series, have the ability to be mounted on the ceiling or wall at almost zero level. Almost anywhere you can imagine; in saunas (not directly on the heat source), swimming pools, terraces and gardens, transoceanic yachts, ships.